Founded in 2015, Leopold & McMasters Realty is a fast-growing, full-service real estate office. 


  Here, customer service is of utmost importance. Our diverse team of experienced agents is dedicated to help solve your various housing needs. Leopold & McMasters Realty stands for integrity and customer satisfaction. We believe in teamwork, innovation and professionalism. 



Brian Graham
Owner, Broker

Brian is the co-founder and broker for Leopold & McMasters Realty.

He is a proud graduate of Boston University ('03) and still works closely with the BU community, helping students and faculty find homes to rent and buy.

Brian has always shown an innate ability to put clients at ease while making the most difficult transactions a breeze. Together with the rest of the team, Leopold & McMasters has garnered great recognition in Boston including an acclaimed 5 star award from Yelp in 2016. Customer service and honesty has always been of utmost importance.

Brian is always available to assist in any real estate transaction. He has helped clients rent over 1,000 apartments and has aided in the sale of over $50 million in property.

He currently lives in Melrose with his wife, Erin, and dog, Sugar.

Ian Alexander Vaz

Ian Alexander Vaz is the co-founder of Leopold & McMasters Realty. He has worked in Boston Real Estate his entire adult life, getting his start at a high volume rental office and developing life-long connections with some of the most powerful figures in Boston Real Estate. 

In his mid-twenties, Ian tried his hand at development with a one bedroom condo in Allston;  he now owns numerous rental properties in Boston through his company, Vazberg. In addition to investment properties, he also owns several other companies involved in businesses ranging from bakeries to consulting to construction to factories overseas. He is an aggressive entrepreneur and investor with vision, however real estate will always be his main focus; Leopold and McMasters is his proudest achievement. 

We've built something special here having put together a team of some of the finest talent in the industry. He's helped many people in many ways including property development, wealth building, finding homes, etc. and looks forward to helping YOU!



Agents & Staff

Our agents live throughout Massachusetts, so we gladly cover all areas for both rentals and sales. If you are looking for an apartment to rent or home to buy, feel free to contact us or visit our office.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Nhan "Young" Nguyen

Director of Sales


Angel Brito

Real Estate Consultant


Jane Headshot.jpg

Jane Cui

Real Estate Consultant



Tanner Bradley

Real Estate Consultant


Don Zollo

Real Estate Consultant



Steve Tysz

Real Estate Consultant



Cay Outerbridge

Real Estate Consultant



Drew Varallo

Real Estate Consultant


Jay Mahoney

Real Estate Consultant


AJ Bakos

Real Estate Consultant



Sean Coen

Real Estate Consultant



Stephanie Burkey

Office Manager

Jonathan Goldman

Real Estate Consultant


Emily Tian

Real Estate Consultant



Imran Khan

Real Estate Consultant